Love People

Charlie and Dmitry are as different as can be. But when they meet in the mental hospital, it is their differences that make them fall in love. What role does the mysterious Eternal Boxer play in their fateful connection?

LOVE PEOPLE is a brilliant carousel ride about love, gender and mental illness. It is at the same time legend and myth, strength and weakness, birth and death. It is told in microscopic detail following all the rules of art and breaking them at the same time.

It begins like a soft breeze and reads like a tsunami and ends like a twister.

Andy Siege
Love People

176 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch

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„An engaging tale of fantastical events and timeless questions of love and the nature of the self and reality. Looking forward to more.“ (BOD-Bookshop)

„I was captured by this story and style of writing from the first sentences on. Andy Siege brought a beautiful story about love, humanity, gender, sexuality and mental health to paper. Charly and Dimitry’s love for each other and their exceptional story feels so real and the reader relates strongly to both, true and human characters. The light style of writing makes this story very enjoyable to read. I highly recommend this book.“ (

„Must read! Awesome book!“ (